Canvas painting, L’homme au monocle, dit Bidou‘Amedeo Modigliani’


lost masterworks of art

Think you have a lost masterwork from a great artist?
Know what to do next? Who to contact? How much money, time, energy, etc. are needed to go from lost to FOUND--and then maximize it's sale opportunity? We do... removes all the risk and effort in authenticating and then capitalizing on lost masterworks by providing the financing, network, and streamlined platform to efficiently bring them to market for sale!

How does our platform work?

Think you have a lost masterwork of art?

Let us help you!We have built a 7-step process, through our two-decades of experience in all facets of the art world, that efficiently brings found masterworks to the market.

Reach out to and we will send you a questionnaire to help us pre-vet and search the lost art database.
If your project is approved, we will do a remote condition assessment with you that includes photos and video, and we will also start to research the art masters database and start to build a historical file.
After passing steps 1 & 2, you send your artwork to one of our research facilities in NYC, Miami, London to start the authentication process which includes building the provenance and the scientific analysis (imaging and material analysis).
If the artwork is validated as an original masterwork, we then take it to an independent expert that specializes in that genre/period/artist to cross-check.
Then we work with the respective trust or governance for that artist to get it certified (if there is one).
We then build and launch the go-to-market offering and start to distribute it through our preferred network of top-tier auction houses.
And finally, your artwork is sold and the proceeds are distributed.
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Portrait of a Young Man Holding an Ottoman Sword
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Who we work with

Our focus is not on fees and transactions, but rather on investing in the art itself to enhance its value. Our capital is being directed towards the asset, and we are striving to align ourselves with all the stakeholders associated with the artwork, including:

Art Collectors and Owners
Art Galleries and Museums
Art Dealers, Advisors, and Consultants
Auction Houses and Other Partner Sales Channels
Trusted by a growing community of art related owners, service providers, and channel partners

100+ happy customers and counting.

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Once you fill out the form, the team at will respond within 7 business days on next steps.

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